SchoolNuts is a cross-sectional population-based study that aims to measure the prevalence of food allergy in the early adolescent age group, as well as to understand risk factors for recurrent and severe accidental food ingestion reactions and to determine clinical predictors of food challenge outcomes. 9,630 children aged 10-14 years have been recruited from randomly-selected schools across Melbourne. Participants have completed surveys on allergic disease status, food allergy-specific quality of life, pubertal development and risk-taking behaviour. Parents of participating children have completed questionnaires on family history of allergic disease and environmental exposures. Participants suspected of having a food allergy have attended a hospital clinic for allergy testing and treatment.

Melbourne Children’s Consortium for Lifecourse Research Study Summary
Study name SchoolNuts
Primary Institution Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
Collaborating Institutions The Royal Children’s Hospital
Study website
Major Funding Sources NHMRC
Date commenced 2011
Estimated completion date 2015 (recruitment)
2016 (analysis)
Sampling frame Children aged 10-14 years and their parents recruited through schools
Age range 10-14
Number of waves Cross-sectional with a clinical sub-sample
Annual attrition (if available) N/A
Ethics Approvals Recruitment Ethics: DEECD and CEO for parent consent for student questionnaire and parent questionnaire.
Clinic Ethics: RCH for parent consent for SPT, Spirometry, OFC, blood and buccal samples.
Data is not available to others outside study team
Biosamples Blood
Newborn screening (Guthrie) card
Imaging No
Linkage No

Research Assistant

Michael Field

Ph: 03 8341 6266