Year 2011-2015 2011-2015
Wave Whole cohort Clinical sub-sample
Age 10-14 years 10-14 years
Anxiety S:SCAS-C
Separation anxiety S:SCAS-C
Obsessive compulsive S:SCAS-C
Panic attacks (including agoraphobia) S:SCAS-C
Phobia (general) S:SCAS-C
Phobia (social) S:SCAS-C
Quality of life S:PedsQL-4.0
S – self report
P – parent report
C – child report
T – teacher report
N – welfare nurse
O – observation
XM: Mother
XF/P: Father/partner
XC: Child
XS: Sibling
XG: Grandparent

PedsQL-4.0: Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory – 4.0 Generic Core Scales
SCAS-C: Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale (child version)