Wave Baseline Compliance monitoring
(2-3 months after enrolment)
6 months old
Clinic visit
(6 months)
9 months old
12 months old
Clinical assessment
(12 months)
Age 7.2 weeks
(6.0 – 12.1 weeks)
3 months 6 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 1.14 years
(1.01 – 1.4 years)
Family history of allergy P:SDV BM BF Si 1 2
Asthma P:SDV BM BF Si 1 2
Hay fever P:SDV BM BF Si 1 2
Wheezing/coughing P:SDV P:SDV P:SDV P:SDV P:SDV
Eczema P:SDV C BM BF Si 1 2 3 P:SDV P:SDV
Food allergies P:SDV C BM BF Si 1 2 P:SDV P:SDV P:SDV
Epipen/Anapen usage P:SDV C BM BF Si 1 P:SDV P:SDV P:SDV
Other reactions or allergies P:SDV C BM BF Si 1 P:SDV P:SDV P:SDV
Alternative/complementary medicine
allergy testing or advice
Skin prick test O:SPT
Oral food challenge O:OFC
(if positive SPT)


Featured measurements

OFC: Oral Food Challenge (HealthNuts protocol)
SCORAD: SCORing Atopic Dermatitis
SDV: Study Devised Variable
SPT: Skin Prick Test (HealthNuts protocol)


1 Full or half siblings only, not step-siblings
2 Question asked of non-respondents as well as participants, in regards to biological parents and full or half siblings
3 Question asked of non-respondents in regards to the index child


A = Administration report abstraction
C = Index child report (reporting on others)
L = Linkage (to other databases)
M = Medical records data abstraction
O = Observation/direct assessment
N = Nurse report
P = Parent/primary caregiver report
Pe = Peer report
S = Self report
T = Teacher report
X = Undefined
XBF = Pertaining to biological father
XBM = Pertaining to biological mother
XC = Pertaining to index child
XF = Pertaining to father
XFam = Pertaining to family
XG = Pertaining to grandparent(s)
XM = Pertaining to mother
XP = Pertaining to parent(s)
XPa = Pertaining to partner
XPe = Pertaining to peers
XPr = Pertaining to primary caregiver
XSi = Pertaining to sibling(s)