Wave 1 2 2a 3 4 5 6 7 8/11/13 9/12/14 10 15 16
Age baseline
(10-20 weeks gest)
30-32 weeks gest
(index child)
medical records data abstraction 3 months postpartum
(index child)
6 months postpartum
(index child)
9 months postpartum
(index child)
12 months postpartum
(index child)
18 months postpartum
(index child)
6 months postpartum
(2nd/3rd/4th child)
12 months postpartum
(2nd/3rd/4th child)
4 years postpartum
(index child)
10 years postpartum
(index child)
11 years postpartum
(index child)
Communication  P:CCC-2C 1
Language  O:CELF-4C 2
Vocabulary  O:NPVTC 2


Featured measurements

CCC-2: Children's Communication Checklist - Second Edition
CELF-4: Clinical Evaluations of Language Fundamentals - Fourth Edition, Australian Standardised Edition
NPVT: National Institutes of Health (NIH) Toolbox Picture Vocabulary Test
Short-Form Language Measure


1 General language development and pragmatic language development only

2 The Centre for Research Excellence in Child Language (CRE-CL) has developed a language testing app – called the Short-Form Language Measure – composed of NPVT, CNRep and the Recalling Sentences subtest from CELF-4. The app has been produced subject to third party licences and any interest in using this app must be directed to the CRE-CL (Penny Levickis, penny.levickis@mcri.edu.au, +613 8341 6454). Please note: Maternal Health Study did not use the CNRep portion of the test.


A = Administration report abstraction
C = Index child report (reporting on others)
L = Linkage (to other databases)
M = Medical records data abstraction
O = Observation/direct assessment
N = Nurse report
P = Parent/primary caregiver report
Pe = Peer report
S = Self report
T = Teacher report
X = Undefined
X BF = Pertaining to biological father
X BM = Pertaining to biological mother
C = Pertaining to index child
X F = Pertaining to father
X Fam = Pertaining to family
X G = Pertaining to grandparent(s)
X M = Pertaining to mother
X P = Pertaining to parent(s)
X Pa = Pertaining to partner
X Pe = Pertaining to peers
X Pr = Pertaining to primary caregiver
X Si = Pertaining to sibling(s)