Trial phase Antenatal screening Antenatal Enrolment and Baseline Randomisation 6 w old follow-up 6 m old follow-up 1 y old follow-up 18 m old follow-up 2 y old follow-up End Phase 1 2.5 y old follow-up 3 y old follow-up 3.5 y old follow-up 4 y old follow-up 4.5 y old follow-up 5 y old follow-up 5.5 y old follow-up First year of school follow-up (5-6 y old) 6 y old follow-up *COVID-19 Supplement (6-7 y old) End Phase 2
Year 2013-2014 2013-2014 2013-2014 2013-2014 2013-2015 2014-2015 2014-2016 2015-2016 2015-2017 2016-2017 2016-2018 2017-2018 2017-2019 2018-2019 2018-2020 2019-2021 2019-2020 2020
Recruitment site X
Total count of screening risk factors X
Reason not eligible X
Participant Local Government Area
(LGA) allocation
Randomisation X
RA incidentally unblinded X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Partner more involved with care
as a result of r@h intervention
Primary outcome –
parent ability to provide care 1

Primary outcome –
parent responsivity to child 2
Primary outcome –
supportive home environment 3

Featured measurements

BB: Baby Business derived
CRQ: Child Rearing Questionnare
ECLS-B: Early Childhood Longitudinal Study of Children - Birth Cohort derived
HOME: Home Observation for the Measurement of the Environment
KHSC: Kidsafe Home Safety Checklist
LSAC: Longitudinal Study of Australian Children derived
RHSC: Royal Children's Hospital Home Safety Checklist
SDV: Study Devised Variable
SWBW: Sleep Well Be Well study derived


1 Measures used to assess this outcome include: food choices scale (LSAC), study designed safety scale (based on KHSC and RHSC), hostile/warm parenting (CRQ, ECLS-B, as used in LSAC), regular mealtimes (BB), and regular bedtime and bedtime routine (SWBW)
2 Measures used to assess this outcome include: HOME Responsivity and Acceptance Subscales
3 Measures used to assess this outcome include: HOME Organisation, Learning Materials, Parental Involvement and Variety Subscales


A = Administration report abstraction
C = Index child report (reporting on others)
L = Linkage (to other databases)
M = Medical records data abstraction
O = Observation/direct assessment
N = Nurse report
P = Parent/primary caregiver report
Pe = Peer report
S = Self report
T = Teacher report
X = Undefined
X BF = Pertaining to biological father
X BM = Pertaining to biological mother
C = Pertaining to index child
X F = Pertaining to father
X Fam = Pertaining to family
X G = Pertaining to grandparent(s)
X M = Pertaining to mother
X P = Pertaining to parent(s)
X Pa = Pertaining to partner
X Pe = Pertaining to peers
X Pr = Pertaining to primary caregiver
X Si = Pertaining to sibling(s)