Year ≥ 1987 (VCPR commenced in 1987, but individuals born on or after 1st January 1970 onwards are included in the dataset)
Wave Recruitment (ongoing)
Age 0 – 49 years
(1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes)
Birth weight M
Gestational age/prematurity M
Biological parents’ age
(at time of delivery)
 Plurality M
Birth order
(in cases of plural births)
Place of birth
(e.g. hospital, home birth)
Birth hospital
(location and stay duration)
Level of care facility of hospital of birth M
Delivery mode M
Neonatal care
(intensive, special care)
(type of care, length of stay, hospital, date of admission/discharge)
Labour onset M
Presentation M
Resuscitation required after delivery M
Time to spontaneous respirations M
Neonatal seizures M
Birth defects
(see Condition specific information domain for more information)

Featured measurements

NHDD: National Health Data Dictionary


A = Administration report abstraction
C = Index child report (reporting on others)
L = Linkage (to other databases)
M = Medical records data abstraction
O = Observation/direct assessment
N = Nurse report
P = Parent/primary caregiver report
Pe = Peer report
S = Self report
T = Teacher report
X = Undefined
X BF = Pertaining to biological father
X BM = Pertaining to biological mother
C = Pertaining to index child
X F = Pertaining to father
X Fam = Pertaining to family
X G = Pertaining to grandparent(s)
X M = Pertaining to mother
X P = Pertaining to parent(s)
X Pa = Pertaining to partner
X Pe = Pertaining to peers
X Pr = Pertaining to primary caregiver
X Si = Pertaining to sibling(s)