LifeCourse Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

Applications now closed

About the LifeCourse Postdoctoral Fellows:

Postdoctoral fellows

Interested in a postdoctoral position leading to a career in lifecourse research and helping the Melbourne Children’s Campus grow diversity in skills?  If you have ideas for a project that might be eligible (see below), please draw this opportunity to a potential supervisors’ attention.


Interested in helping the Melbourne Children’s Campus grow diversity in skills ahead of the GenV Initiative?  If so, please fill in a short expression of interest survey.
Postdoctoral Fellows will have access to:

  • LifeCourse training and teaching opportunities, as well as other events
  • A 0.4 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) position
  • Funds for travel and/or training

Applicants must meet the selection criteria in both of two domains: (1) their research proposal and (2) their personal attributes and achievements.

  1. Selection criteria for the Research Proposal

Applicants must provide a 2-page Research Proposal, developed with their proposed supervisors, that meets the following criteria:

  • Use longitudinal cohort data
  • Have potential for campus capacity building/methods development, especially in relation to GenV
  • At least two supervisors from diverse disciplines (at least one active supervisor must be based on campus)

Plus at least one of the following:

  • Work across two or more longitudinal cohorts (note: this does not imply harmonisation or merging if not relevant) – at least one cohort must be part of the LifeCourse Initiative
  • Combine diverse, emerging or novel disciplines and/or methodologies.

For more details or if you require further clarification, please contact LifeCourse (Anna Duncan).

  1. Selection criteria for Personal Attributes/Achievements
  • Relevant PhD or equivalent
  • Outstanding research and personal abilities suited to a career in lifecourse research, as evidence by the quality of qualifications, prior research, achievements and contributions
  • An appropriate level of expertise gained from a combination of experience, training or professional accreditation
  • Working with Children & National Police Clearance (if appointed)