Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank (CCC)

The Children’s Cancer Centre (CCC) Biobank is a world-class resource for researchers studying childhood and adolescent/young adult cancer. The CCC Biobank includes samples and health information from people with cancer, bone marrow disorders, primary immunodeficiency disease and neurofibromatosis. It also includes samples and health information from their siblings, parents and relatives.The CCC Biobank stores leftover samples from clinical tests and takes additional collections.

The CCC Biobank allows researchers to: understand the molecular mechanisms which lead to cancers and other conditions, establish new molecular-based diagnostic tests, investigate biology using cell lines, test new drugs and therapies, identify new targets for therapy, and reduce the debilitating side effects of treatment.

Study Summary
Study name Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank
Study abbreviation CCC
Current principal investigator/s David Eisenstat
Current project manager

Louise Ludlow

Primary Institution/s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute - MCRI
Collaborating Institution/s The Royal Children’s Hospital - RCH
Major funding source/s The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation - RCHF
Study website
Study focus

The CCC Biobank stores leftover samples from clinical tests and takes additional collections. These samples can be used for further clinical testing and ethically approved research.

Sampling frame

New or existing patients attending The RCH with a suspected tumour, bone marrow disorder, Primary Immunodeficiency Disease, Neurofibromatosis or giant melanocytic naevi. Or, a sibling, parent or relative of a patient described above.

Primary study type Databank / Biobank
Primary participant (at recruitment) Index child
Year commenced


Is this study ongoing? Yes - the study is ongoing
Ongoing recruitment? Yes
Sample size (N)

1800 (as of May 2023)

Survey data available? No
Imaging data available? Yes
Linkage to administrative dataset/s? No, no consent to link to administrative dataset(s) obtained
Biosamples available? Yes
Are data available to others outside study team, with appropriate safeguards and structures in line with the cohort’s ethics and governance processes? Yes
Are there any costs associated with data/sample access for approved requests? Yes, there are costs associated with access
Broadest type of participant consent available Extended consent (can be used for future ethically approved research related to this project)
Study Contacts
Principal investigator/s David Eisenstat
Project manager

Louise Ludlow

Study Contact

Address: The Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank
Murdoch Children's Research Institute,
Royal Children’s Hospital
Flemington Road, Parkville
Victoria 3052 Australia