Using LifeCourse

One of LifeCourse’s main aims is to foster collaboration and facilitate research into new questions, especially those that cannot be addressed with a single study alone. LifeCourse encourages researchers, service providers, policy makers and industry from across the world to apply to access data from LifeCourse cohorts and propose new questions, to maximise the use of this valuable resource.
We encourage prospective applicants to explore the cohorts under the cohorts tab to see what data and biological specimens are available that could be utilised in answering your question and submit your initial enquiry here before you begin developing your proposal.
There are two types of proposals:

  • For proposals utilising one LifeCourse study only, LifeCourse can facilitate the interaction with the study’s custodian.
  • For proposals utilising two or more LifeCourse studies, LifeCourse facilitates and manages the process for approval and release of data and biological specimens.

LifeCourse has developed an efficient data request policy and procedure that can be found below (in ‘Relevant documentation’), with the high-level procedure outlined in the figure below:

Start your initial enquiry here

Relevant documentation