Accessing LifeCourse Data

LifeCourse encourages researchers from across the world to apply to access data from our cohorts to address new research questions.

Each of the LifeCourse cohorts hold a wealth of information; much more than could be fully utilised by any one team. In addition, some questions can be answered more robustly by drawing on data from multiple cohorts.

As such, custodians of these data are keen to work with other researchers and form new collaborations, while ensuring that all ethical requirements are maintained. LifeCourse does not hold these data, but rather acts as a liaison between potential data users and data custodians.

For additional information on our data access application process, view our Data Access Guide. A summary of the application process is outlined in the figure below (solid boxes are applicant-initiated steps):

To get started, Explore our cohorts to discover the rich catalogue of available data, and click here to submit your initial enquiry.

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