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Data custodians

2000 Stories: Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study and Victorian Intergenerational Health Cohort Study contact
AQUA: Asking Questions about Alcohol in Pregnancy Study contact
AREST CF: The Australian Respiratory Early Surveillance Team for Cystic Fibrosis contact
ART: Assisted Reproductive Technologies Studies contact
ATP: Australian Temperament Project contact
Baby Biotics contact
BIS: Barwon Infant Study contact
CAP (and NICAP): Children’s Attention Project (and Neuroimaging of the Children’s Attention Project sub-study) contact
CATS: Child to Adolescence Transition Study contact
CCC: Children’s Cancer Centre Tissue Bank contact
CheckPoint (LSAC): Child Health CheckPoint contact
CLARITY: JIA Biobank contact
COBRA: Childhood Overweight BioRepository of Australia contact
ELVS: Early Language in Victoria Study contact
Fontan: The Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) Fontan Registry contact
HealthNuts contact
I4C: International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium contact
IYDS: International Youth Development Study contact
MHS: Maternal Health Study contact
MIS BAIR: The Melbourne Infant Study – BCG for Allergy and Infection Reduction contact
MM: Memory Maestros contact
PETS: Twins Study contact
PPOIT: Probiotic and Peanut Oral Immunotherapy Studies contact
SchoolNuts contact
TAB: The Take A Breath Research Program contact
Triple B: Bumps, Babies and Beyond Study contact
VCPR: Victorian Cerebral Palsy Register contact
VIBeS: Victorian Infant Brain Study contact
VicCHILD: Victorian Childhood Hearing Impairment Longitudinal Databank contact
VICIEM: A clinical and laboratory databank for patients with Inborn Errors of Metabolism contact
VITALITY: Primary prevention of infant food allergy: a randomised controlled trial of postnatal vitamin D supplementation contact
VNTDR: Victorian Neural Tube Defects Registry contact


LifeCourse is a collaboration between the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), the University of Melbourne, and the Royal Children’s Hospital, located at MCRI.

We acknowledge all collaborators who have contributed to LifeCourse, especially cohort data custodians and their participants, and our LifeCourse Initiative funders, the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

LifeCourse is a collaborative effort, and we would like to thank everyone for their ongoing engagement and support.


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Katie Allen
Melissa Wake
Leanne Mills

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Alana Deery
Angela Pezic
Anna Booth
Emma Jarosz
Gabriella Tikellis
Hannah Mcglashan
Joanne Ryan
Keri Little
Kerry Haynes
Sarah Arnup
Shirani Sivarajah
Will Siero

Advisory group

Andrew Grimes
Anne-Louise Ponsonby
Ben Ong
John Carlin
Justine Ellis
Margarita Moreno Betancur
Melissa Wake
Michael Poidinger
Richard Saffery
Shyamali Dharmage
Will Siero


Harindra Jayasekara

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Adam Leadoux
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