COVID-19 research response

COVID-19 research has become an emerging area of focus and collaboration for LifeCourse, the Melbourne Children’s Campus and our cohorts.

Children are at the heart of our campus’ approach to the research questions emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. The campus has established a multi-disciplinary team of clinical and research experts to coordinate the Melbourne Children’s COVID-19 Research Program.

To date there has been a rapid and concerted effort to bring LifeCourse cohorts together to facilitate the collection of relevant data over the course of the pandemic, either by integrating into planned data collections or through additional COVID-focused data collections.

Key COVID streams

As part of the larger Melbourne Children’s response, LifeCourse is facilitating the collection of additional COVID-related data from LifeCourse cohorts to enable two key streams of research.

COVID Immune

What are the immunological factors associated with COVID-19 severity and protection for kids in the community?

Additional data is being collected from LifeCourse cohorts to understand the role of pre-existing immune histories.

COVID Wellbeing

How do previous experiences shape mental health of families during the crisis, and how they adjust in the long term aftermath?

Additional data is being collected from LifeCourse cohorts to understand the role of pre-existing mental health histories.


Summary of cohorts collecting COVID data

Cohort COVID infection Immune function Relationships Mental health Economics
2000 Stories: Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study and Victorian Intergenerational Health Cohort Study
ATP: Australian Temperament Project
BIS: Barwon Infant Study
CATS: Childhood to Adolescence Transition Study
COVID Immune*
COVID Kids Wellbeing
Family Interventions
MHS: Maternal Health Study
Triple B: The Triple B Pregnancy Cohort Study (Bumps, Babies and Beyond)
VicCHILD: Victorian Childhood Hearing Impairment Longitudinal Databank


*COVID Immune is a new cohort which combines the following pre-existing cohorts: HealthNuts, MIS BAIR, SchoolNuts/YoungLives, VITALITY.