LifeCourse PhD scholarships (including top-up stipends, travel, training opportunities)

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About the LifeCourse PhD scholarships


Interested in a PhD leading to a career in lifecourse research?  If you have ideas for a project that might be eligible (see below), please draw this opportunity to your potential supervisors’ attention.


Interested in helping the Melbourne Children’s Campus grow diversity in skills ahead of the GenV Initiative?  If so, email Anna Duncan your PhD projects that may be eligible. We can also post them here for additional visibility.

Students will have access to:

  • LifeCourse training and teaching opportunities, as well as other events
  • Top-up scholarships ($5000 per annum) in addition to the PhD stipend
  • Funds for travel and/or training

These are additional to the support already offered through the University and MCRI.

The remit is broad. As well as individual student excellence, projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Use longitudinal cohort data
  • Have potential for campus capacity building/methods development, especially in relation to GenV
  • At least two supervisors from diverse disciplines (at least one active supervisor must be based on campus)

Plus at least one of the following:

  • Work across two or more longitudinal cohorts (note: this does not imply harmonisation or merging if not relevant) – at least one cohort must be part of the LifeCourse Initiative
  • Combine diverse, emerging or novel disciplines and/or methodologies


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