ConBQ: Conflict Behaviour Questionnaire

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(Short form of Prinz (1979) Conflict Behaviour Questionnaire, as described in Robin, A.L. and Foster, S.L. (1989). Negotiating parent-adolescent conflict: A behavioural-family systems approach. NY: Guilford Press); (Prinz, R. J. (1977). The assessment of parent-adolescent relations: Discriminating distressed and nondistressed dyads. Dissertation Abstracts International. Section B: The Sciences and Engineering 37(10), 5370); (Prinz, R. J., Foster, S. L., Kent, R. N., and O’Leary, K. D. (1979). Multivariate assessment of conflict in distressed and nondistressed mother-adolescent dyads. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 12(4), 691-700")

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