STST: Short Temperament Scale for Toddlers

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The STST is an Australian Temperament Project adaptation of the Toddler Temperament Scale Fullard, W., McDevitt, S.C. and Carey, W.B. (1984). Assessing temperament in one- to three-year old children. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 9: 205-216 Sewell, J., Oberklaid, F., Prior, M., Sanson, A. and Kyrios, M. (1988). Temperament in Australian toddlers. Australian Paediatric Journal, 24: 343-345 Prior, M., Sanson, A., Oberklaid, F. and Northam, E. (1987). Measurement of temperament in 1 to 3 year old children. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 10: 121-132.

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